Pastor Will & Joyce Hunsaker

Pastor Will felt the call to ministry shortly after committing his life to Christ at age 14. He met his wife, Joyce, when he was 16 and they got married right out of high school. A month after they were married, they moved to Des Moines Iowa to attend Open Bible College and prepare for ministry.

During bible college, both Joyce and Pastor Will got involved in the church they were attending (Fort DM Open Bible) under the leadership of Pastor Les Potts. Pastor Will served as their youth pastor and later pastor. They were in DM for about 7 years. They were voted in as the pastor of CL Open Bible in February of 1989 and moved to Clear Lake the first weekend of March, 1989 and have been our Pastors since.

They have two children: Travis who is married to Heather and they have two children, Wesley and Mya; and Lynelle (Nel) who was promoted to heaven when she was 18 following injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.

Pastor Will feels very strongly about his commitment to the CL Open Bible Family and has no desire to invest his life anywhere else. If you were to ask him, he would tell you he is living his dream! His personal focus under the churches vision is:

#1. Uphold the standard of truth

#2. Promote Missions 

#3. Lead our church to be debt-free

He has been and continues to be our pastor for 29 years and counting.

A message from our Pastors

We have a vision as a church that is not just a slogan, but it truly is what we are about: “Love God…Love People…And Go Serve!” No matter where you are in your walk with God, our vision is for you to grow in your love for Him. As you do, God will take you to where His heart is…People! As you grow in your love for people, your desire to serve in the area of your gifts, abilities and talents will grow.  You will find that place to serve that God created for you! We would love to have you be a part of our church family as we go after loving God…loving people… and serving!

Pastor Will and Joyce Hunsaker